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Microfocus Insulated Cable Sheathing Knife

Microfocus Insulated Cable Sheathing Knife

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Microfocus Insulated Cable Sheathing Knife

Product description

Designed with a curved blade and insulated handle, this cable sheathing knife is the perfect tool for slitting or cutting the sheathing off cables without damaging the conductor insulation inside. Dual-component insulated handle is rated for use on live equipment up to 1000V and is compliant with DIN EN 60900 VDE 0682-201:2013-04 standards Ergonomically designed handle has soft grip for increased comfort and makes it easy to slit and cut sheathing off cables Guide shoe on blade tip prevents conductor insulation from being damaged Included safety cap and tethering hole allow for easy transport and convenient storage.

Product specifications

Length: 196,8mm
Blade length: 38mm
Weight: 116g

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