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Microfocus Toolkit for Tubes

Microfocus Toolkit for Tubes

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Microfocus Toolkit for Tubes

Product description

Complete kit for tubes.

Kit includes:

  • ITL103016 Microfocus Thin-walled Microduct Scoring Tool, 5–16 mm
  • ITL103017 Microfocus Thick-walled Microduct Scoring Tool, 5–16 mm
  • ITL103018 Microfocus Micro Duct Cutter max. 28mm
  • ITL103019 Microfocus Micro Duct Cutter max. 64mm
  • ITL103022 Microfocus Rugged 21 Pocket Tool Case 
  • ITL103023 Microfocus Insulated Cable Sheathing Knife
  • ITL103026 Microfocus Ratcheting Cable Slitter 
  • ITL103035 Microfocus Reamer - Deburring Tool

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